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Financial Analytics

Financial analytics is a concept that provides different views on the business' financial data. It helps give in-depth knowledge and take strategic actions against them to improve your business' overall performance. Financial analytics is a subset of BI & EPM and has an impact on every aspect of your business.

Marketing and Sales Analytics

For marketing professionals, analyzing data provides the knowledge necessary to figure out which marketing strategies are most effective for specific groups of consumers. Whether understanding how various demographics respond to different forms of advertising or using customer analytics to chart how product desirability depends on context and environment, big data grants marketing professionals the information they need to create the most efficient campaigns possible.

Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics is helping to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness by enabling data-driven decisions at strategic, operational and tactical levels.For most companies, the word analytics is synonymous with reporting. But despite thirty years of supply chain technology evolution, the most commonly used system for supply chain planning is a spreadsheet.

Assets Analytics

It is a tool that helps determine asset maintenance and replacement strategies now and years ahead. It builds on indices that point users all the way to remedial action.

Manufacturing Analytics

Analytics are essentially the collection and manipulation of large quantities of data to reveal insights. Data about the performance of machines and people, going through the process of receiving an order through delivery of that order, is collected and reformatted as easy to understand metrics, to reveal where there are issues with performance or output quality.

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